Art Exhibitions

With five art categories and several sub categories, the Darlington Arts Festival has something for every artist.

Darlington Arts Festival Reserve Art Prize

 The Darlington Arts Festival has been hosting art exhibitions for more than 50 years. We have had an amazing , rich and vibrant past filled with incredible talent and passion.

Artists established and emerging, young and old from Western Australia will be invited to participate in the 2017 festival on 4th & 5th November.

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In 2016 the Darlington Arts Festival included a major art prize. The $10,000 cash prize attracted a number of established artists from throughout Western Australia and strong interest from the viewing public.

The Festival committee determined that the inclusion of such a prize in the festival proceedings to be a logical, natural progression in the festivals’ evolution. It was resolved to continue with the major art prize for 2017 and beyond.

The prize is known as The Darlington Arts Festival Reserve Art Prize.

The prize is acquisitive (ownership of the work transfers to DAF).

We welcome submissions from established artists both local and from throughout the rest of WA.

Last year available space for displaying submissions was very limited. This year the committee will make available the entire Darlington Lesser Hall offering approximately 60 spaces for artwork to be displayed.


Each year artists from around Western Australia are invited to take part in the Darlington Arts Festival, the state’s longest running free community event. 

Western Australian Artists are invited to showcase their works in the Open Art Exhibition held in the Main Hall. In this vibrant and exciting exhibition, all art works are for sale and prizes awarded in five categories as well as “Best in Show” & “Best Interpretation of the Festival Theme”

The categories are:

  • Painting;
  • Printmaking/Drawing;
  • Photography/Digital Art;
  • Sculpture/Furniture/Ceramics/Textiles/Jewellery.

For more information contact:

To submit you application Open Art Application


The Darlington Arts Festival Youth Art Exhibition is a colourful highlight of the festival weekend.  Vibrant painting and drawings, striking photographs, sculptures, textiles and jewellery adorn the Mezzanine level of Darlington Hall.  The exhibition showcases artworks from talented 13 – 18 year old school students.

For more information contact:

To find out more or to submit your application go to Youth Art


The Junior Art exhibition has fantastic opportunities for children aged 4-12 years to display their creative work at the festival!

For more information contact: 

To find out more or to submit your application go to Junior Art Exhibition


Youth Art Encouragement Award

Bernadette-Lee Irene Pitman-Spring.    April 25 1963 – June 17 2013

Proudly, an ongoing award to celebrate and remember Bernadette’s tireless support, encouragement and participation in the lives of young artists. This encouragement award is given to a young emerging artist deemed worthy to receive recognition for their unique skills.

To find out more or to submit your application go to  Bernadette Award