Open Art Terms and Conditions

DAF Open Art Exhibition

 Conditions of Entry

1. Non-refundable Entry Fee

A non-refundable administrative fee of $30 per artwork (GST inclusive) must be paid on line via PayPal.

Incomplete entry forms will not be accepted.

Artists 18 years and under are encouraged to enter the Youth Art Exhibition.

2. Size Considerations

Due to space limitations artists are restricted to a maximum of two categories and a total of two only submissions. The maximum size of 2-dimensional artwork (including frame) is 1m wide x 1m high.

Up to 3 pieces of 3D art may be entered but must be able to be displayed on one 60cm x 60cm plinth. Up to 3 pieces of 3D artwork require one only registration fee of $30.00 and would be considered as one submission only leaving you the opportunity for you to submit one other artwork in a second category should you choose to do so.

Please note: due to the high number of two dimensional entries we receive, large pieces can only be accommodated on very limited wall space and therefore may not be displayed.

3. Entry Deadline

5pm Friday 29th September 2017

Under no circumstances will late entries be accepted.

4. Description of Work Deadline

A brief on the works to be submitted of 50 words or less to de emailed to on or before 21st October, 2017.

5. Identification

All work must be presented to the coordinator unwrapped. Transport wrapping is to be retained by the artist.

All work must be clearly labelled on the back/base with your name, address, telephone number, title of the work and medium, plus sale price (inclusive of commission & GST as appropriate). Labels can be downloaded from the website:

6. Sales

All work submitted must be for sale. A commission of 25% will be deducted from the sale price (before GST) of all work sold. Sale price must include frame, commission and GST.

7. Originality

All artwork must be recent, original work of the artist and not previously exhibited in the Shire of Mundaring. Craft must be made by hand, or with the use of appropriate and necessary tools. Works from commercial kits or plans are not eligible. Hobby ceramics or handicrafts will not be accepted for the Open Art Exhibition.

8. GST (please read carefully)

If you are not registered for GST or have no ABN please;

quote an all-inclusive (frame etc. if applicable) sale price for your artwork EXCLUSIVE of GST.

You will need to upload a ‘STATEMENT BY SUPPLIER’ form if you cannot provide an ABN.

If you are registered for GST please provide us with your ABN and quote an all-inclusive sell price ie (frame, GST etc)

DAF will retain a 25% commission on all art pieces sold and supply you with appropriate documentation relating to the sale of the artwork. All unsold artwork to be collected by the artist.

9. All work is to be submitted between 3pm and 6pm at the Darlington Hall on Monday 30th October 2017 as follows:

  • Last name starting with A to H – 3pm to 4pm
  • Last name starting with I to P – 4pm to 5pm
  • Last name starting with Q to Z – 5pm to 6pm


All work to be hung must be fitted with secure, concealed hanging devices and must be finished and dry. Three dimensional pieces must also come with adequate support for display on the Darlington Arts Festival plinths.

All work must be clearly identified with the title and artist’s name

10. Selection

Due to the increasingly high standard and number of works received, our space limitations may prevent all artworks from being displayed.

Selection and positioning will be by an independent curator who will make the final decision on which works are to be exhibited and shall reserve the right to reject any entry.

11. Judging

The judges’ decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

The judges may, at their discretion, vary the categories or decide not to make an award. The prize winners will be announced at the official opening night on Friday  3rd November.

12. Insurance

Twenty-four-hour security will be provided, and all care taken however no liability is accepted for any loss or damage during transit or at the Hall. Costs relating to additional insurance will be at the artist’s expense.

13. Copyright

All Entrants shall permit The Festival Committee to reproduce any submitted artworks for the purpose of promoting the festival only, in any forms of conventional media. Originating artists will be acknowledged.

14. Collection

Artists will be contacted by a committee representative if their artwork has sold during the course of the festival weekend. All unsold works must be collected between 5pm and 6pm, Sunday 5th November.

Artists who do not collect their artwork in the allotted time will be charged a fee of 25% of the sale price as a late fee. Agents collecting work on behalf of the artist must have the exhibitor’s signed authorisation and a specimen signature. A receipt must be signed for all works retrieved.

Please note: all works selected for exhibition must remain on show for the duration of the Exhibition

15. Payment

Payment from any sale will be forwarded to the artist no later than one month after the Festival