Craft Workshops at the festival

We have separate workshops for children and for adults

Every year, the Workshops team identify and offer opportunities for Festival-goers to stretch their creative muscles.

Adult Workshops

Sat         10:00 – 12:00      Evie Easton – Felt flowers ‘
                12:00 – 2:00        Carol Gibson – paint your own masterpiece
                2:00 – 4:00           Pottery on the Wheel
Sun        10:00 – 1:00        Jennie Merritt – beaded wire jewellery
                12:00 – 2:00        Melissa Harvey – Felt Babushka dolls
                1:00 – 4:00           Judy Nastov – Pottery on the Wheel
Children’s Workshops

 Two workshops run by Melissa Harvey

1. Friendship Flags

Come and experiment with design, colour and various stitching techniques to create your own friendship flag that you can take home and hang on your wall. We’ll use mixed media such as cotton, hessian, ribbon, buttons, fabrics and different stitching forms to design something funky, creative and fun.

2.  Hand Sewn Mandalas

Come and try your hand at some ‘Slow Stitching’.  We’ll work on traditional wooden embroidery hoops to create some striking, colourful and unique hand sewn mandalas.

 Pottery Workshop

There will be a pottery workshop for children, canvas for the tables and various accessories that the children can use to create their masterpieces. There will be some ready-made examples to help them chose what they would like to make.

The workshop teams will be on hand to provide guidance during the workshop and help the children with various aspects of using clay as a medium. The children then get to take home the things they make.

Batik Workshop

Nita is a veteran Arts and Craft Educator, experienced with Junior and Senior school students as well as having conducted numerous workshops for adults and children.

Batik is a traditional craft where wax is applied to cloth which is then dyed to create complex images. Nita has adapted this method to suit all ages* and talents. Wax is applied to calico squares using a wide variety of cookie cutters and then the pictures are completed with fabric dyes applied by brush.

*Note children under 5 years need to be supervised by an adult.