Reserve Art Prize

2019 – Retrospective in the Lesser Hall

D Thornton Hick

From time-to-time, the Darlington Arts Festival runs retrospectives of well known, local artists.  This year we are delighted to announce that we will be celebrating the work of  D Thornton Hick.  Thornton created a remarkable body of work including paintings, sculpture and furniture. The retrospective will be held in the Lesser Hall.

Consequently, due to limitations of space the Reserve Art Prize will not be offered this year. However in 2019 the Open Art Prize includes a new $5,000 prize – the DAFA (Darlington Arts Festival Award). This award is not acquisitive. Click here to find more information.


Reserve Art Prize 2018

Reserve Art Prize  2018 | Judges Choice | $10,000

The winner chosen by the judges was: Simon McArdell for his acrylic and beeswax, landscape painting – Flesh (Quarry Wall).

This work attempts to capture a moment of poise within a system of decay. The progressive flensing and destruction of a hill creating new worlds with new systems following the same entropic laws.
Winner: Reserve Art Prize 2018 | Simon McArdell – Flesh (Quarry Wall) | Acrylic, Beeswax

This work attempts to capture a moment of poise within a system of decay. The progressive flensing and destruction of a hill creating new worlds with new systems following the same entropic laws.

Reserve Art Prize 2018 | Peoples Choice Award | $500

More than 1,000 votes were cast over the weekend.  We are pleased to announce that you voted for ‘Field of Dreams’ by Janet Day.

Winner: Reserve Art Prize – Peoples Choice Award | Janet Day – Field of Dreams | Oil and Beeswax
Janet’s work depicts her interpretation of the golden canola fields in full flower using bees wax and oil paint. A farmers gamble against the fickleness of nature’s elements.

2017 Reserve Art Prize

Winner of the 2017 Darlington Arts Festival Reserve Art Prize: Vanessa Curley – Roebourne Wittenoom Road

2016 – Robert Juniper Landscape Award

Winner | 2016 Juniper Landscape Award | Alistair Taylor – Fleeting Permanent

The 2018 exhibition….

…was truly a success.  The quality of the entries was outstanding.  The curator had a tough job, to whittle down the entries into just the right number, but what was left flowed perfectly.

This year we introduced the Peoples Choice award.  Within the gallery, there was something for everyone and the contrast between the darkness of the judges choice and the brightness of the Peoples Choice was beautiful.  Both very worthy winners of their prizes!

We would like to thank the highly esteemed curator and judges for last year:

Belinda Kay

Life Part I…Belinda has a Certificate in Trade Studies and as a mature aged student gained her Diploma in Arts (Interior Design) and subsequently her Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) at Curtin University… Life Part II

As a freelance curator for the last eighteen years she has seen some amazing Western Australian artwork.

Belinda currently runs the gallery at Houghton’s Winery where she is enthusiastic in promoting WA artists in all mediums.

We also welcomed two new judges to the Festival!

Judges in 2018

Pauline White

…is a fervent advocate of creativity in all its forms and has shared her knowledge as a university lecturer in Visual arts, as a curator, a community artist, public art coordinator and art exhibitor. Her main personal focus has been an investigation into our tenuous relationship with our home on planet earth hence her work is mostly site specific and ephemeral.


Stephen Castledine

…is an artist and graphic designer. His passion for
drawing started at an early age and has continued throughout his
professional life. He also enjoys the freedom of water colour in his
paintings which contrasts strongly with the technical precision
required in graphic design. Stephen held his first solo exhibition in
1987 and has participated in many exhibitions since. His work is
represented in private collections in Australia and overseas and has
won numerous awards. For more examples of his work and contact details