Reserve Art – Application Form – Payment Already Received

Reserve Art Prize Registration
  1. Statement by Supplier  To be completed if you do not have an ABN.
  2. Terms and Conditions Please read and understand prior to submitting your registration.
If you are registered for GST the selling price must be inclusive of GST
This can be provided later if you are not ready now. Max of 50 words.
Upload an image of your artwork if you have it available now. You must provide an image with your artwork as per the details under terms & Condition 2.7
For payment to your account on sale of artwork
For example Jane Doe, BB King
Mobile phone preferred

An ATO Statement by Supplier is required with for all submissions where an ABN has not been provided.
Download a copy here:  ATO Statement by Supplier

To use:  Download the form, fill it in, save it or print to pdf, name it with your name and upload it into this form in the box below.

If you are not registered for GST and you do not have an ABN, you must complete and provide an ATO Statement by Supplier form

Step 1) Click Submit button, to send your registration Form to the Arts Coordinator

a) Add the name of the Artist into the PayPal box
b) Select the Add to Cart button, where you will be taken to PayPal

You do not need a PayPal account to make your payment.
You will have the option to pay by Credit or Debit card.

Your registration is not complete until your form has been submitted and the fee of $35 has been paid.