Reserve Art Prize Conditions of Entry

The Darlington Arts Festival –Reserve Art Prize

Conditions of Entry

The prize winner will be announced at the festival opening night at 7.00 pm on Friday 2nd November 2018 at the Performing Arts Stage, Darlington oval, Owen Road, Darlington.

Ownership of the winning artwork including intellectual property rights will be acquired under contract by Darlington Arts Festival Association Inc. (DAF) from the winner on payment of the prize to the winner’s nominated bank account.   Contractual conditions will not impinge upon copyright entitlements due to the artist resulting from future sales of the artwork.

As exclusive owner of all property rights DAF may produce, at DAF’s absolute discretion, limited edition print copies of the prize winning artwork to be signed by the artist at no fee and marketed through the DAF website or via a reputable gallery. The artist will receive 20% of the nett proceeds of print sales.

The winner will be determined by independent judges.  No appeal facility shall be available.  The judges have the right to withhold awarding the prize.

Submitted artworks will be selected for inclusion in the festival exhibition and will be available to the general public for purchase.  All sales are subject to a 25% commission payable to DAF and will be deducted from the sale price by DAF on receipt of payment.

Those artworks to be exhibited will be selected by an independent curator.  Presentation and positioning for the exhibit to be at the absolute discretion of the curator.  No correspondence will be entered into regarding the inclusion or exclusion of works, before, during or after the event.

Artworks selected for exhibit must remain at the exhibition throughout the festival weekend until close at 5.00 p.m. Sunday 4th November 2018.  Unsold artwork must be collected between 5.00 p.m. and 6.00 p.m. that day.

Twenty four hour security is provided at the exhibition hall however the entrants are responsible for insuring their own artwork against loss or damage of any kind for the duration.

Insurance cover should include transport to and from the exhibition hall.  DAF will not accept any liability for loss or damage of any kind to the artworks or their frames.

To the extent permitted by law, the entrant must release DAF, its officers, members, volunteers, contractors and agents from any action, claim, liability, cost, expense, loss or damage suffered or incurred by the entrant arising out of, or in connection with, an act or omission by the festival or by DAF.

Artworks selected and which are for sale will be offered and presented accordingly in good faith by DAF at the festival and at the price nominated by the entrant.  DAF makes no guarantees or warrants that the entrants artwork will be sold during the festival.

All entrants must comply with the specific Conditions of Entry The DAFRAP terms & conditions 2018  and any reasonable directions given by  the DAF committee or associated personnel.


1.1 Each entrant may submit one artwork only.

1.2 Entrants must be over the age of 18 years of age.

1.3 DAF reserves the right to request evidence from the entrant to determine eligibility for The Darlington Arts Festival Reserve Art Prize competition.

1.4 The entrant represents and warrants that their artwork is the entrant’s sole original work and possesses unencumbered title to the artwork.

Entry Process
  • The entrants must complete the entry form available on the DAF website
  • Completed entry forms must be submitted to DAF As soon as possible – Extended – but not for long!  before 5.00 p.m. Friday 12 October 2018 with:
    • a non-refundable entry fee payment of $40 (inc. gst).
  • Entries received after the entry closing date/time will not be accepted.
  • Entries will only be accepted through the DAF website.
  • The entry fee must be paid online via the paypal facility provided.
  • Registration for the exhibition will not be complete until payment of the entry fee has been received in DAF’s bank account.
  • A digital image of the entrant’s artwork is to be submitted with the artwork as follows:
    • in jpg format;
    • of a resolution of no less than 300dpi at 1-4mb size;
    • of a file size not exceeding 5 megabytes; and
    • named in the following convention: entrant’s surname- entrant’s first name-title of work.jpg (e.g jones-peter-artworktitle.jpg).
    • images are to be forwarded to
    • image to include a statement of 50 words or less.

3.1 The artwork must:

3.1.1 not exceed the dimensions (h) 1.2m x (w) 1.2m including frame.   Multiple panels  may be accepted provided they constitute the one artwork and do not exceed the above in total;

3.1.2 be in a condition which is safe to handle;

3.1.3 have been completed within 2 years immediately prior to entry closing.

3.1.4  only 2D work will be accepted in any medium. No prints or photos will be accepted.

Selected Artwork

4.0 Selected for Exhibition

4.1 The entrants must ensure the selected artworks be:

4.1.1 available for display and sale throughout the exhibition from 9.00 a.m. Tuesday 30th  October 2018 to 5.00p.m. Sunday 4th November 2018 at no cost to DAF;

4.1.2 professionally presented suitably and ready for display;

4.1.3 clearly marked on the back of the artwork with the artist’s name and address including the name of the work and the date completed; and

4.1.4 presented to the exhibition Coordinator unpackaged.

4.2 If selected entries must be delivered to the Darlington Hall, Owen Road Darlington Monday 29th October 2018 between 5.00 p.m. and 8.00 p.m.

4.3 DAF will have first option to purchase any artwork presented for exhibit at the price nominated by the artist on the entry form, minus the DAF commission.

4.4 Artworks may be displayed at any one of the exhibition sections operated during the festival weekend at the absolute discretion of DAF.

5.0 Intellectual Property

5.1 Each entrant irrevocably permits and authorises DAF to reproduce selected artworks in print and electronic form for promotion of DAF, the competition and future competitions only for no fee.

5.2 Authorship will be published along side any reproduction of art works.

High quality digital scans can be obtain from Fitzgerald Printing in North Perth Ph: 9328 3778 at a 50% discounted rate of $55 to all DAF entrants.

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