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Open Art Exhibition 2021

Entries will open very soon. We are currently finalising the terms and conditions, prize structure and entry form.

We are still working our way through how the exhibition will be structured and how it will be funded, so information on prizes is to be confirmed.

If you would like us to let you know when entries open, fill out the brief form below.

Expression of interest
The Darlington Arts Festival Open Art Exhibition and Sculpture on the Scarp 2021 Entries will open soon. If you would like us to let you know when they are open, fill out the simple form below and let us know which event(s) you are interested in
Please double check your email address is correct before you submit the form.

Last year there was so much uncertainty around whether the festival would be able to get off the ground so we did things a little differently. We invited local and others artists that had been regular contributors the the event to submit artworks for free, but with no prizes. The limitations due to COVID regulations. meant that we had to work at a vastly reduced capacity

In the end, although there were fewer pieces, everyone agreed it looked so much better without the dividers though the room. This year we are going to try to replicate that but still squeeze in a few more pieces! We are especially interested in encouraging smaller works that would work on plinths.

We are also looking at having a small shop area where Open Art and Sculpture on the Scarp entrants could enter a few pieces that can be purchased and taken away. This would suit unframed prints, and original artworks, maquettes, pottery etc. Details on this to be announced soon.

As per previous years there are four categories: Painting; Drawing, Mixed Media and Printmaking; Photography and Digital Art; and 3-Dimensional Art. Artists will be able to enter up to four items across two categories, with a maximum of three in any one category.

The committee agreed unanimously that once again we would not put up the price for the entry fee.

Please refer to the Entry form for number and size restrictions in each Category.

Entry Form

Open Art - things you need to know
Open Art entries for 2019 – Things you need to know

Open Art Exhibition 2018

Thank you to all of the visitors and the artists that took part in the 2018 Open Art Exhibition

Every year we are amazed by the diversity and the quality of the artwork.  Last year really was the best ever (according to feedback from visitors).

‘Fabulous artwork,  excellently curated’

Below are some of the winning artworks from 2018


1st  |  Dimity Gregson No 88  – Welcome Home

Winner | Open Art 2018 | Painting | Dimity Gregson – Welcome Home

Judges Comment:  The spontaneous circle in the square perfectly frames the complete simplicity of the flowers.


Highly commended  | Amanda Smith No 112 – Hound on Rug

Highly Commended | Open Art 2018 – Painting | Amanda Smith – Hound on Rug – Detail

Highly Commended | Open Art 2018 – Painting | Amanda Smith – Hound on Rug

Printmaking | Drawing

1st  |  Noreen Burrow No 58 – This Could Be Awkward

Image: Not provided.

Judges comment: The delicate simplicity of the drawing captures the unique Australian environment.


Highly commended |  Moira Court  – No 100 – The Crow and the Pitcher

Highly Commended | 2018 Open Art – Printmaking/Drawing | Moira Court – The Crow and the Pitcher

The Crow and The Pitcher (concertina artist’s book). Woodcut and lino print on Awagami bamboo paper with screen printed linen cover.


1st  |  Ron Dullard – No 31 – Madeleine Clear

Winner | 2018 Open Art  – Photography – Ron Dullard – Madeleine Clear

Judges comment:   A classic portrait photograph with great empathy for the subject.


Highly commended  |  Kevin Wilson No 32

The Bankers

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Kevin-Wilson.jpg
Highly Commended | Photography | Kevin Wilson – The Bankers


1st  |  Joanne Francis –  No 21 – Vessel Spanning the Isle

Basketry in all natural fibres

Winner | 2018 Open Art – 3D | Joanne Francis – Vessel Spanning the Isle

Judges comment:   Material from nature combined with hand weaving that intuitively connects the viewer.


Highly commended  |   Jane Button No 25 – Voyager (Image not provided)

Mixed media – drypoint etching, wood

If you have questions , please contact Cathy at

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