Sculptures on the Scarp – Artists 2018


1.Ian Kay

One time forest ranger, journalist, manufacturer and restorator, Ian Kay has a special knack of repurposing materials. Visual Art has always been a creative outlet and three dimensional creation is his focus. Ian’s accumulated timber and metal treasures are reimagined to become the basis of his sculptural images.

2.Vince Austin

I have worked as a professional artist for close to 30 years.

This work was created by local artist Vince Austin for this exhibition in an effort to embrace the spirit of the venue. If the sale price surpasses your means, a discount of 30% is available in exchange for a 10% (of profit) return dividend to the artist in the event of future profitable resale.


3.Dimity Gregson

Dimity completed a BA in Visual Arts at Edith Cowan University in 1999 majoring in Textiles. She has exhibited paintings and textiles in numerous group shows and held two solo painting exhibitions. Returning to Darlington, having lived in Melbourne for 10 years, she appreciates the environment in the hills more than ever.

4.Nicholas Kempt

Nicholas Kempt is a multi-disciplined visual artist whose work includes animation, sculpture, illustration, sound design and video installation work.

He has been creative director of an animation studio for over 10 years, and it was in this role that he created an animated short film which earned him a WA Screen Award and an ACTAA nomination for best short animation in 2015. Nick’s work draws inspiration from the Perth hills and the creatures that inhabit the area. After a long hiatus from sculptural work he recently returned to the practice, beginning with an item created specifically for the Sculptures on the Scarp exhibition. In future projects, Nick is interested in exploring the fusion of animation and movement in three-dimensional space and capturing the movement of native animals across a sequence of frames in sculptural form. He is also looking to explore movement though stop-motion animation of his sculptural pieces and video projection mapping onto the surface of his sculptures. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nicholaskempt_art/

5.Alastair Taylor

Alastair is a pommie illustrator who accidentally moved to Darlington in 2006 and gradually became less of an illustrator and more of a painter and sculptor. This is, by a considerable margin, his largest work so far. https://www.instagram.com/alastair.taylor/ facebook.com/rustyhorology atpaintings.blogspot.com

6.Patricia Rose

Patricia Rose has a diverse background in visual arts and has practiced since early childhood.

She spent most of her upbringing in the Perth hills, attending Parkerville primary School and Eastern Hills Senior High.

Patricia gained most of her experience as a self-taught artist, though spent some time at Perth Technical College and Curtin University.

7.Shona McGregor

Shona McGregor is an emerging artist and recent ECU graduate whose work captures the hidden features of the overlooked spaces around her. Through the mediums of paint, photography and now sculpture she explores the ways in which to capture the viewer’s attention and encourage a connection with the tangible world. www.artbyshona.com www.instagram.com/acloser_look/

8.Michael Betts

Michael originated from a fine art background, having been raised in a family of artists. He majored in sculpture at Claremont school of fine art, working and exhibiting as a Sculptor for many years until being drawn to the collaborative practices of theatre. In the early nineties he quickly established himself as a Set Designer and Scenic Artist in the Perth theatre industry. He worked prolifically on a wide range of productions as a freelancer and was able to work with many amazing theatre companies, directors and production companies. In 2005, Michael was offered a post as the Senior lecturer of scenic art at Hong Kong Academy for Performing arts.

A relatively recent return to his fine art practice led to an exhibition of paintings on canvas at the Hong Kong Visual Art Centre and the completion of his MFA, also in Hong Kong.

Relocating back to Perth in 2017 Michael is returning to his love of Sculpture and on the lookout for his next new and exciting collaborative project.

9.Ant Muia

Ant Muia is a drawing based multi-disciplinary artist making work that reflects humanity in relation to nature.

10. Martin Jaine

From farmer to antiques dealer, builder to sculptor, Martin is the man behind the brand. Martin has spent many years getting his hands dirty while lovingly polishing fine antiques, restoring historic properties in and around Perth. Martin Jaine Sculptures began in 2011 as a hobby and now has 3 employees making handcrafted sculptures from recycled materials. www.martinjaine.com.au

11 & 24 Angus Skene

Angus Skene has been a local artisan in Darlington for the last 20 years. He specialises in individually designed and hand crafted small and large wrought iron sculptures.

12.Nic Compton

Grew up in the Wairarapa New Zealand. Landed in Perth 1987, studied at Claremont school of art and Curtin University. Much of my work may reflect my upbringing in Aotearoa yet is peppered with Western Australia land and ocean. I live and work in Northam and enjoy carving the recycled hardwood of Western Australia.

13.Sam Hopkins

Sam Hopkins is a young emerging WA artist. Drawing from his experience in horticulture, landscape design and building, Hopkins finds inspiration from human behaviour, nature and experimenting with materials in new ways. Hopkins has commissioned pieces for private and corporate clients all over Australia. Each custom piece is personal, and holds great meaning to Hopkins and his clients. www.samhopkins.com.au www.facebook.com/samhopkinssculptures www.instagram.com/samhopkins_sculptures/

14.Tom de Munk-Kerkmeer

Over the past 50 years Tom has been continuously exposed to art and migration.

His creative journey reflects this eclectic mix of experiences and is meandering through a wide variety of media.

Matter occupies the centre stage in his practice and most materials are rescued from the refuse of humanity.

15.Gina Scriven

I have been working with glass for over 30 yrs, enjoying different techniques with a medium that is very interesting due to its contradictions. I love colour and working with a material that uses light to create interest or illusions. What started out as a hobby has lead me to being an internationally recognised artist and creating bespoke pieces that inspire and connect me to my clients.

16.Kerrie Argent

BA Fine Arts, Curtin University, 5 solo exhibitions, SXS 2010 people and kids choice award, SXS 2014 Sculpture Award, exhibited in Sydney, Cottesloe, and Arhhus Denmark, multiple selected and group exhibitions. 2018 Kalgoorlie-Boulder City recycled art award. Works in private collections nationally and internationally. kerriearg@hotmail.com

17.Ian Wolters

I’m a backyard tinkerer who loves to create and repurpose new things out of old things.

19.Beverley Iles

Beverley Iles is an early career artist who is interested in using discarded and overlooked materials to explore ideas around insecurity, instability and dislocation. Her work has a makeshift and scavenged aesthetic, designed to contradict ideas around permanence and to question what we value.

20, 21 & 22 Hans Wernich

With some ‘welded magic’ and heaps of imagination, Hans Wernich upcycles discarded metal, car parts and old farming equipment to create his whimsical characters, abstract sculptures and decorative artefacts.

Besides scrap metal, Hans occasionally incorporates other found objects such as wood, glass and animal bones into his sculptures. These items are selected for their aesthetics and uniqueness and then woven into his creations to complement and enhance the story or character of the sculpture.

Based in Perth, Western Australia Hans gains his inspiration from his love of art, philosophy and storytelling to create sculptures abound with unusual shapes and textures that bring beauty and joy to the homes his pieces adorn. After 20 years of practising architecture, now a full-time sculptor, Hans enjoys the challenge of designing and creating custom-made conversation pieces for clients. Merging his knowledge of interior design and landscape architecture with the client’s aspirations comes naturally to him. www.urbanparadise.com.au

23. Olivia Colja and Mark Hutchinson

This is the first public artwork collaboration for Olivia Colja and Mark Hutchinson. Olivia is a practicing WA visual artist and Mark is a builder. The couple share two rescue dogs that they love and cherish and are passionate about raising awareness about rehoming rescue dogs.

25.Harrison See

See is an emerging West-Australian artist with a background in

manufacturing and industrial design. He predominantly uses sculpture and paint to construct scenes rich in narrative and symbolism. However, after an extended period practicing art in Asia, he has now returned to Perth to explore and pay homage to its natural environment. www.harrisonsee.com www.instagram.com/harrison.see/

26.Claire Davenhall

Graduate from Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen, exhibits at Sculpture at Scenic World NSW, Sculpture by the Sea WA, Swell Sculpture Festival QLD, Winner ‘Shinju Matsuri’ 2016, Major Prize Winner Drift Installation Awards 2017, Guest Panellist Prize 2018 Walker Gallery, UK and currently touring US/Canada with Brooklyn Art Library. clairedavenhallvisualartist.wordpress.com

27.Lee Potter

Lee is a self taught artist and has been making for over 30 years. His work moves from intricate pieces of furniture to organic water sculptures where you can see the influences of Art Deco & Nouveau and the patterns of nature.

28.Shaun Chambers

Shaun Chambers is a freelance exhibition and display consultant, specialising in the design, fabrication and installation of Museum, Art Gallery and private exhibitions. He has a background in fine arts and has produced several major public art works in Perth and regional Western Australia. He has also run his own landscaping business and has developed a number of sustainable and sculptural garden designs.