Sculpture on the Scarp


Although relatively new to the festival, everyone agrees this event is a winner!

Artworks line the Darlington Railway Reserve, stretching from Brook Road through to the Darlington Pavilion. Wander through and you may discover a creation nestled in amongst the trees, or strategically placed between the granite boulders, or perhaps hanging between two giant gum trees. Walk along the old station platform and discover sculptures and installations crafted by some of the regions finest artists.

Entries are open now for the 2021 Sculpture on the Scarp.

Sculpture on the Scarp 2019


For 2021 we welcome Graeme Burge as our curator for the Sculpture on the Scarp Exhibition

Graeme Burge

Graeme spent his youth spray-painting murals in the ‘90s before completing an apprenticeship in autobody refinishing. In 2008 he graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts at Edith Cowan University, where he shifted from 2D to 3D, working with automotive parts and kiln-formed glass to create large sculptural forms.

Graeme received the City of Joondalup Art Award in 2010 with one of his totemic sculptures and has since worked at the John Curtin Gallery as install and maintenance staff and technical support for the School of Arts and Humanities at ECU in sculpture and design.  He also runs his private art and install business for local collectors and museums.

Graeme lived in the Darlington area for a period of time and has been a frequent visitor to the area over the years. Graeme has a particular connection to the skate park and local bike trails and is looking forward to working with an exciting group of artists to express his appreciation for the natural beauty of the Darlington area and the community spirit that Darlington Arts Festival embodies.

Graeme is currently exploring unconventional methods of forming glass and spends much of his time assisting artists with their studio practice.