Sculpture on the Scarp


Last year’s inaugural Sculpture on the Scarp exhibition attracted an overwhelmingly positive response.

This year the Sculpture on the Scarp exhibition runs from 01 to 03 November 2019.

We are delighted to have appointed Mikaela Castledine as our curator for 2019. We intend to build upon the delight and wonder of the exhibition this year with the space being illuminated over the course of the weekend by Lighting Options Australia. This event is set to be a highlight in the calendar for sculptors and audiences around the South-West.

Artists Talks

9:00 Kerrie Argent 15
9:30 Patricia Rose2
10:00 Alessandra Rossi23
11:00Alan Meyburgh6
3:00Jordan Sprigg 12
3:30Pamela Brenner & Johannes Mujana9
9:00Martin Jaine16
10:00Shona McGregor10
11:00Claire Davenhall30
12:00Leanne Bray3
2:30Nick Kempt & Emma Camden8
2:45Olivia Same & Kerry Stack5
3:00Britt Mikkelsen28
3:30Sally Stoneman26

To compliment the Sculpture on the Scarp exhibition, the students of Darlington Primary School have an exhibition of sculptures that is also curated by Mikaela Castledine. It is located in the mezzanine area of Darlington Dental/Little Nook Cafe at 2 Montrose Avenue

A Unique Bush Setting

Curator, Mikaela Castledine said; ‘The very acts of making and viewing art should transport you; take you from where you are to somewhere new.  This is literally what it means to be moved by a work of art or to be carried away by a thought or a feeling  – that you are no longer to be found in the place where you were. This is why the site of the old Darlington railway station and track is such a perfect place to display a sculpture exhibition; it is where you expect to be transported.  For artists and audiences alike the Sculpture on the Scarp exhibition can take us on a journey to somewhere exciting and new or it can bring us home to the familiar and loved, we just have to be willing to go.’

“For me the main attraction was the space itself. As a sculptor I have always envisioned my pieces in a natural environment with space around them as ideal. Seeing them stuffed into low ceiling, cement floored spaces without being able to even walk around them is soul destroying. In comparison the Scarp is an arena with swirls of energy passing through it constantly, rich in history and vitality.” Michael Betts, Sculptor

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Sculpture on the Scarp 2018

The inaugural outdoor sculpture exhibition, Sculpture on the Scarp, proved to be a magical and delightful experience. We know this because the public told us – over and over again. The Darlington Station Reserve came alive with artworks of diverse material and meaning over the weekend of 3-4 November 2018. The festival extended into a new space and everyone who visited it was rewarded.

Best Sculpture 2018

BEST SCULPTURE 2018 | Dimity Gregson – Up the Creek
photo by Sam Hopkins

Sponsored by Darlington Arts Festival, the Darlington Review and Darlington Dental this $2000 prize was awarded to Dimity Gregson.

“Up the Creek” is a reflection of Nyaania Creek that flows along the old railway track close to where I grew up. My sister and I, and later on my brother, spent many happy times traversing the secluded paths and stone walls along the creek, exploring caves and crossing bridges…floating leaf boats. Having returned to Darlington over the last few years, I appreciate this creek more than ever…the excitement when it first flows, seeing the rushing waterfall…later the prospect of impending hot weather when it dries up”.

The judges said: “This is a sophisticated and uncontrived work which contrasts beautifully with its surroundings. It’s sensitive and subtle use of material provides an ethereal encounter for passers-by.”

Highly Commended 2018

HIGHLY COMMENDED 2018 | Kerrie Argent – Hollows for the Homeless
photo by Sam Hopkins

We did not create this category,  the judges were moved to do so by viewing Kerrie Argent’s work.

The judges commended Kerrie’s work for “its masterful use of materials, great use of scale and its conceptual resolution.”

Peoples Choice 2018

PEOPLE’S CHOICE 2018 | Sam Hopkins – Fragmented Nostalgia
Photo by the Artist

Thanks to a number of wonderful sponsors, we were able to offer a People’s Choice prize of $600, which was awarded to Sam Hopkins for “Fragmented Nostalgia.”

“We are often so encapsulated in our busy lives that we forget what once was, as the history slowly fades away.”

We acknowledge the strength, resilience and history of the Whadjuk Noongar people who are the traditional custodians of the land upon which we live and exhibit. We pay our respects to the Elders past, present and emerging as we move into a new story together.