Sculpture on the Scarp – Artists 2019

All of the Sculpture on the Scarp works are for sale.

Please call 0406 653 698 or email Sculpture on the Scarp

1 – Johannes Pannekoek

Change Ahead II

Weathering steel  &

2 – Patricia Rose

The Vessel

Sticks, butcher’s paper, wax encaustic, bondcrete and blackboy resin

3 – Leanne Bray

Ndoro Circle of Life!

Bush poles, acrylic paint, steel base and sticks &

4 – Lee Potter

Surf & Turf

Farm fencing wire from Bremer Bay and mild steel

5 – Olivia Samec & Kerry Stack

Kaya, Wanjoo Noongar Boodjar

Wooden fence, balga resin, white ochre / acryllic.

6 – Alan Meyburgh

Cockatoos on the Move

Mild steel and native timber

7 – William Leggett

Monument 10

Concrete and steel

8 – Nicholas Kempt & Emma Camden

Black Clouds

Rebar and gumnuts 

9 – Pamela Lee Brenner & Johannes Mujana


PVC pressure pipe, reclaimed and discarded bicycle wheels, PET plastic, old rope, UV LED lights 

10 – Shona McGregor

In a Sunken Dream

Plaster, expandable foam, polyurethane cast fungi, galvanised wire, acrylic paint &

11 – Jennifer Cochrane

Impossible Shadow #14 &

Aluminium pipe and galvanised fittings

12 – Jordan Sprigg

A Family Outing

Recycled steel &

13 – Shanti Gelmi

Dementia is in the detail

Geohex Erosion Control System, Bricklayers Line.

14 – Leanne

Not singular

Timber, paint, copper and wire.

15 – Kerrie Argent

Insidious Creeping

recycled chicken wire, binder twine and plastic

16 – Martin Jaine


Recycled rio bar and scrap metal

17 – Kirsten Makinson & Heloise Roberts


Timber, glazed stoneware, metal

18 – Gordon Mitchell

Hide and Seek

Corten steel and stone

19 – Sam Hopkins

Wind Whisper

Stainelss steel mesh

20 – Visability Group

Tree of Life

Ceramics, Glass Mosaics and Marine Grade Plywood

21 – Ian Kay

Colour for Life

Recycled timbers and found objects

22 – R.M. (Ron) Gomboc Cit.WA

Spirit of the Forest

Corten weathering steel and concrete

23 – Alessandra Rossi

Untitled (Coral, I am always connected) 1 of 3

Acrylic UV resin, paint, steel

24 – Sean van der Poel


Stainless steel

25 – Jan Naylor

Remains of the Day

Upcycled plastic

26 – Sally Stoneman


Rabbit proof fencing wire &

27 – Louise Wells

Spare Buttons

8000+ recycled buttons, sheeting, woollen blanket, polycotton thread, water resistant outdoor backing fabric.

28 – Britt Mikkelsen


Timber, cotton, string

29 – Angus Skene

Reaching Out

Wrought iron and perforated mesh

30 – Claire Davenhall

Ammolite Anomaly 2019

Fibreglass, resin & colour changing pigment in automotive paint &