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Artist's Shop
The following checkbox defaults to yes. You can choose to opt out, and you can also change your mind and contact us later to opt back in.

This is a new offering at the 2021 festival. The Shop will be located in the Lesser Hall.

Items in the shop are exclusively those of artists exhibiting in Sculpture on the Scarp and Open Art as well as some DAF merchandise.

Submitting items for sale in the shop is entirely optional.

There is no entry fee (your art entry qualifies you for entry). Any items sold are subject to the same terms and conditions as exhibition artworks.

The shop would suit smaller items such as; prints, ceramics, jewelry, giftware, clothing and other artistic merchandise.

Festival customers will be able to take away items at the time of purchase.

If you opt in, we will contact you via email with details regarding  how to submit items for sale in the shop.

Open Art Registration 2021

Artist's details
Street number and name
Mobile preferred
Payment details
We need this information so that we can pay you promptly when your work sells
6 digits - no hyphens
11 digits - no spaces
If you are registered for GST; the sale price of your work must be inclusive of GST

An ATO Statement by Supplier is required for all submissions where an ABN number has not been provided.  Download:  ATO Statement by Supplier

To use:  Download the form, fill it in, save it (or print to pdf), name it with your name and upload it into this form in the box below.

Entry details

Painting Maximum 1 sqm for one item, or 0.36 sq m total (e.g. 72 x 50cm or 80 x 45cm) for two or three items.
Drawing, Printmaking & Mixed Media:  Size limits as for Painting
Photography & Digital Art:  Size limits as for Painting
3-Dimensional Maximum 1 sq m base for one item, or 0.6m x 0.6m total horizontal display plinth area for two or three items.

The cost of entry is $32 per Category until 26 September.

From 27 September to 17 October the cost will be $35 per Category

Multiple items in a category must display well together.
Must be different to first category

Please choose a different second category

Please choose a different second category

Please choose a different second category

Please choose a different second category

A maximum of four items across first and second categories

Please remove one item from either your first or second category

Please remove one item from either your first or second category

Please remove at least two items from either your first or second category

We would like to promote the work of our festival artists where possible. Images may be used on Social media in the lead up to the festival and to show the winning entries after judging.  There will be a page dedicated to our artists where images and links to artists own websites/social media will be provided.

Images are not a mandatory part of your application.

Please provide details of your website and or social media accounts and a short bio about you / your work. This is entirely voluntary - you may skip this field if you wish.
Submitting your entry
Step 1)

Click Submit to send your registration Form to the Arts Coordinator.

Step 2)

a) Complete your payment via the PayPal application, providing the the name of the Artist into the box provided

You do not need a PayPal account to make your payment. You will have the option to pay by Credit or Debit card.

Applications without payment will be rejected.  Your registration is not complete until the correct fee has been paid.

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