Poster Competition

Poster competition 2021

The poster competition has now closed and a winner has been picked. The Poster Team and the DAF Committee spent a long time deliberating over the entries with lots of heated discussion because there were many excellent entries once again.

Thank you to everyone that entered this year.

Poster Competition 2021

Olive Monte – winner of the DAF 2021 Poster Competition

One of the first highlights of the DAF calendar is the Poster Competition. Once again we were blown away by the talent and diversity of poster entries that came in.

As always there was a lot of debate, and this year it was especially tough because the entries were so good!

But we have a winner, submitted by Olive Monte, and we LOVE it!

Olive Monte is a Perth artist. She has a background in Landscape Architecture and mixed media visual arts, and studied at UWA. Her art is primarily focused on plant life and botanical species of the Western Australian region, incorporating wood burning and mixed media. 

Olive’s main medium is the art of pyrography, meaning to ‘write with fire’. She uses defined line drawing and limited tones to depict the details and beauty of natural and built landscapes. 

Artist biography

I am a wood burning artist based in Perth, Western Australia. My work has been exhibited and acquired by various organisations and private collections throughout Western Australia. I have a Bachelor of Design and Master of Teaching (Primary) from The University of Western Australia.

​My artwork has always focused on everyday subjects and experiences, and I typically celebrate the beauty of everyday living through a diverse range of media and textures. I love to using my woodburning tool, which was originally introduced to me by my late grandfather, Generally, my work is textured and vibrant, and I frequently incorporate found artefacts and organic materials into the pieces. I am currently still obsessed with Australian plants and wildflowers, which often feature in my handmade gifts and wares. My work is currently being stocked in a few wineries and art shops in WA and am always interested in discussing other new opportunities and ideas.

​I currently live in Perth, WA with James, and McNulty the Dalmatian. I create from my home studio. Most of my work is created on a made-to-order basis. I am an artist by night and a primary school teacher by day.

2020 – was an in-house design using the poster (central image) from 1977

2020 Poster created by Colette Murray, using the 1977 poster image

2019 Poster Competition – Winner

2019 Poster Competition Winner – Ally Cormack

For the second year in a row Allie Cormack of Mundaring took out the winning spot with her beautiful artwork; Helping Hand.

It served not only as our 2019 poster, but ‘as a reminder how we as the human species can help to save the planet and be a bit kinder to the environment by reducing our waste and saving our water’

We loved the colours, use of space and the sense of texture on a page.  We felt that this poster connected with our move toward a more environmental and sustainable approach to the festival. 

There was a great deal of debate, and back and forth as the quality and diversity of entries was outstanding this year.

The committee would like to thank everyone that entered. 

2018 Poster Competition

2018 Poster Competition Winner – Ally Cormack

We were amazed at the talent and creativity of each and every one of the entries.  We didn’t know what to expect when we launched the competition this year.  We didn’t even know what we wanted to see, but we know we would recognise it when we saw it!  And we did.

The winner in 2018 was Allie Cormack.  It was easy to incorporate Allie’s design into our marketing materials .  The design worked so well that we even used part of it to create Darlington’s first Community Wall art project.

Thank you Allie for entering your work and for contributing to the wall artwork.

May Pole Flower
by Allie Cormack