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The Festival is more than just a weekend in November.  It is a community that creates community within our village and our Shire.  

Darlington has a proud tradition of nurturing artists, from our budding junior and youth artists through to Open Arts and Sculpture on the Scarp.  We encourage, local artisans and creators as well as entertainers and musicians.  

Each year our young ones build enduring memories as they attend, and create dreams of being the future generation of artists and entertainers.

All of this though, comes at a cost.  As you know, DAF relies on; grants, sponsorships, donations, fundraising events and of course committee members and volunteers. 

Coming up to the end of financial year, now is the time to take advantage of the ATO tax breaks for donations.  Honestly every little helps!  We (hardworking and unpaid committee members) work to make every single dollar count. Help us to keep this fabulous festival running, growing and going from strenth to strengh by making a donation today.

We humbly thank you for your support, now and always.

Darlington Arts Festival Committee

I am pleased to be able to make the following DONATION for the Darlington Arts Festival,    (financial donations of $2 or more are are tax deductible).

Donations can be made by going to the secure GiveNow website. or you can fill in the form below where you can make either a financial donation using PayPal, or an in kind donation of goods, services etc.

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The Darlington Arts Festival committee looks forward to having you as a contributor and participant in this special community event and sincerely thanks you for your support.

For In – Kind donations:   Please Contact our Coordinator email: Amy Pepper.