Community Art


Come along again this year and help us paint the Darlington Volunteer Bushfire Brigade water tank. The DVBB have very kindly agreed to allow us to transform the tank from safe and sensible beige to a delight of colours. And we want YOU to help us achieve this.

Bring your little ones down and let them paint-a-petal. Don’t worry if the lines are not perfect, the fun is in the taking part.

The design is based on this year’s Darlington Arts Festival poster created by Allie Cormack. Her beautiful, colourful design was inspired by the desire to conserve natures bounty by the motto reduce, reuse, recycle.

We’re hoping lots of locals and visitors alike will come along and be part of this fun, free event – public art created by the people. Hope to see you there!


Another new initiative at last year’s Festival was the creation of a mural by festival goers over the course of the weekend.

The idea was hatched by locals Virginia Hawdon and Tania Whisson as a way to get people involved in a community art project, and to create a beautiful local artwork on the back of the tennis club hit-up wall.

Last year’s design was based on the 2018 winning poster also by Allie Cormack. That  design was inspired by both the blossoming of Spring and the May Pole Dance that was often performed at the Festival in past years.

Virginia Hawdon and Tania Whisson

The project has the support of the Mundaring Shire, the Darlington Tennis Club, the Darlington Ratepayers and Residents Association, and the Darlington Community Recreation Management Committee.

[vfbp-display-entries id="43"]
vfbp-display-entries id="43"
Entry IDArtists NameBank NameAccount NameAccount NumberBSB
79Lee ForringtonPN BANKP A L Forrington01608408806015
32Lynda Fynn DickinsonCBAR & L Dickinson10227054066155
33Judith PriceANZLogorythm462345783016352
34John EdenJohn EdenJohn Eden10038358066179
35Noni LowtherNoni LowtherLowther Rod & Lowther Noni340818714016460
37Anna-Kirsten StapelNABAnna Kirsten Stapel983751461086061
38Anna-Kirsten StapelNABAnna-Kirsten Stapel983751461086061
40Katey CunliffeANZW Baldwin & K Cunliffe233539832016359
41Di ParishWestpacDiana C Parish521756736043
42Robyn RipleyCommonwealth bankRobyn Ripley10889359066115
83Josephine PittmanBeyond BankMs J C Pittman03678485325185
43Patricia RayWestpacMs Patricia Ray519973736001
44Paul BastianCBADr P G Bastian00238198066115
45Megan FraserNABMegan Fraser447027955086288
46alastair tayloranza m taylor908336364016141
47Adel NemethCommonwealth Bank of AustraliaSmart Access10401736066167
48Charlene BlumenfeldCommonwealthCD Blumenfeld10439450066179
49Michelle DujmovicCommonwealth bankMichelle Dujmovic33191567062692
51Karen nashbankwestKaren nash5556843303092
52Jenni ReimerCommonwealth BankCraig and Jennifer Reimer10273044066000
53Malcolm LindsayBankwestScribbles Illustration Studio5346664306094
54Nadine ClayCBARL NM CLAY10001256066179
56Sussan NawellCBASussan Nawell10143038066100
57Adele SugarsANZTH and AN Sugars340791881016495
58Nicola CowieANZNicola Cowie519891882016002
59Naomi GrantANZNaomi Grant517025243016363
60Lawrence EastonANZL P Easton181862071016454
61Nikki TurtonUpNicola Turton177089992633123
62Rodney BlumenfeldWestpacRodney Blumenfeld297073036065
63Sherrill RichardsonANZSherrill Richardson559897736016267
64Sherrill RichardsonANZSherrill Richardson559897736016267
65Liz BerryWestpacBerry Corporation Pty Ltd594765036087
66Stacy GardollP & N BankStacy Gardoll Art01887101806015
67Jane ButtonWestpacJane Button501194736075
72Amanda SmithBendigoAmanda Smith136485828633000
71Megan ByrneCommonweathMegan E Byrne00207198066160
68Melissa De WinterBankwestmelissa & garry de winter1964479306145
70RICHARD BURKITTWestpacRic Burkitt Studio649114732109
69Terry GilesP&NT&P Giles nomP/L02030053806015
77Neve HolroydBendigo BankN S HOLROYD163440936633000
78Alexandra HoschkeCBAAlexandra Hoschke00649218064121
39Denise HolusaBendigo BankDenise A Holusa161263843633000
31Una BellBendigo BankUna Bell160904454633000
1Colette MurrayABCcols123123456
36Helen LockNABHelen Lock154695554086288
2JAMES MarchNABJames March895051406086288
3Jay HeatherCommonwealthMrs Jacinda Heather10420465066130
4Patricia NobleCommonwealthSmart Access10976372066115
5Irene DymondWestpacNC and IM Dymond694184736009
6Joanne HarrisBOQJoanne harris21851892124001
76Elysia BullenBENDIGO BANKELYSIA H E BULLEN5188680107908461633000
7Ryan PovahP&N Bank Ryan Samuel Povah02012949806015
8Lesley WatsonLesley WatsonLesley Watson0612710306085
9Jackie DavisANZJ A Davis569107793016263
10Jackie DavisANZJ A Davis569107793016263
11Jackie DavisANZJackie Davis569107793016263
12Denise BendingWestpacDenise Bending708555736087
13Olive MonteBankwestOLIVE MONTE0177087306084
14Olive MonteBankwestOLIVE MONTE0177087306084
15Dimity GregsonWestpacDimity Gregson680230736087
16Kathryn SmithBOQKathryn Smith21345578124001
17Cindy WatsonWestpacCindy Watson312932036087
18Cindy WatsonWestpacCindy Watson312932036087
19Shanti GelmiANZMS & RL Gelmi459122319016341
20Louise ThorpeINGLouise Thorpe34458938923100
21Louise ThorpeINGLouise Thorpe34458938923100
22Louise ThorpeINGLouise Thorpe34458938923100
23Kimberly RaeCommonwealth BankDA & KA Rae10323793066107
24Alison HanrahanCommonwealthBW&AC Hanrahan10123949066164
25janet daywestpacrp jm day631625736125
26Jo HaythornthwaiteBankwestJo Haythornthwaite0189100302975
27Jo HaythornthwaiteBankwestJo Haythornthwaite0189100302975
28Ron DullardwestpacRP&HM DULLARD557219736075
29Margaret HardySt George BankNR and ML Hardy424674754116879
30Margaret HardySt George BankNR and ML Hardy424674754116879
73Brenna NeserBankwestBrenna Neser0626750306113
74Lynne DullardBendigo BankLynne Dullard152474011633000
75Joanna RoweBankwestJoanna Clinton Rowe0580157306041
80Anthony HartneyP&N BankA.R.HARTNEY310162806015
81Amanda ForwardWestpacAmanda Forward690653732118
82Lyn MerringtonCommonwealthLyn Merrington06638310195387066383
84Moira CourtANZMoira Court412439124016341
85Kathryn Stanley-hartBankwestKathryn Stanley-hart1124724306041
86Maureen AshtonANZMaureen & Michael Ashton590814847016359
87Joanne FrancisBankwestJoanne Francis0669434306001
88Adrianna Wasinska-FabianCommonwealth BankIs Good Art10068059066019
89Pamela VigersANZPamela Maxine Vigers323372861016363
90Alison HigginsBankwestMs Alison R Higgins0389561306047
91Pauline GillBankwestCR and PT Gill0870087306041
92Pauline GillBankwestCR and PT Gill0870087306041
93Felicia LoweBendigoKFLowe ta The Artful Flowe175727163633000
94Felicia LoweBendigoKFLowe ta The Artful Flowe175727163633000
95Felicia LoweBendigoKFLowe ta The Artful Flowe175727163633000
96Renata niderlaANZRenata Niderla509375518016307
97Renata niderlaANZRenata Niderla509375518016307
98Lynda FeodorovsNabJohn & Lynda Feodorovs557366229086082
99Katrina HalesBankwestKatrina0747589306041
100David LeithANZJupiter Sales10956291066166
101Narelle HigsonCommonwealthNarelle Higson32180006062692
102Dallas PegrumANZDallas Pegrum589418935016359
103Dallas PegrumANZDallas Pegrum589418935016359
104Morris McGuireWestpacDenise Bending708555736087
105Dianne KingmanBankwestVJ DM Kingman3141635306041
106Sarah KeirleSarah KeirleSarah Keirle225969036065
107Virginia HawdonWestpacClassic Account805910736087
108Karin HotchkinANZ KalamundaKarin Hotchkin591567614016341
109Karin HotchkinANZ KalamundaKarin Hotchkin591567614016341
110Kat HardwickBank of QueenslandKatrine Hardwick01080242126547
111Peter SoleCommonwealthMr Peter J Sole10140427066135
112Veronica McGrathSt GeorgeMS Veronica P McGrath474508906116879
113Ian AcottANZIan Acott424209326016495
114Dan GentleCommonwealth BankDANIEL & CHRISTY GENTLE10318569066512
115Vince AustinP & NV j austin01633397806015
116Billie FaircloughNABMs B Fairclough175217615086366
117SIlvana FERRARIOWestpacSiju Glass301115036406
118Joanne CicchiniANZJoanne Cicchini533976559016341
119Kerry StopherBankwestKerry Stopher0232363306053
120Sean StandenBankwestSean Standen0911891306041
121Emily VitettaNABEmily Vitetta166711718086275
122Jan PittmanBendigoJanice P Pittman157874140633000
123Jan PittmanBendigoJanice P Pittman157874140633000
124Jan PittmanBendigoJanice P Pittman157874140633000
125Jan PittmanBendigoJanice P Pittman157874140633000
126Jan PittmanBendigoJanice P Pittman157874140633000
127Talina ChodorowskiWestpacTalina Chodorowski736065635914
128Alison LindsayING DirectMr G Lindsay & Mrs A Lindsay32476969923100
129Alison LindsayOmg directMr G Lindsay & Mrs A Lindsay32476969923100
130Jean-Sebastien le PotiereBendigo BankG Gawned162792295633000
131Karena HoldenCommonwealthKarena Holden00747138066001
132Glen WhissonBankwestGJ Whisson5513019306094
133Johanna ZeelenbergCommonwealth BankJohanna Zeelenberg36730634062692
134Trevor O'SullivanBankwestTrevor J O'Sullivan0490163306051
135Nicole SymonsWestpacNicole J Symons584917736051
137Claudette PopeWestpacClaudette Pope626559736065
138Amelia SonnekusCommonwealthAmelia Sonnekus10939106066001
139Rebecca Hepworth (née Kerbey)BankwestRebecca Hepworth Business1747029302162
140Lyn BindleyPolice & NursesMr D and L Bindley Retirement Account02001824806015
141Shaolin HadebeUpShaolin Hadebe184172534633123
142Nicholas KemptNicholas KemptNicholas Kempt583155054012030
143Rose TowersRoseSavings734481456086288
1Andrew TaylorCommonwealth BankANDREW R TAYLOR10324075066115
3Cathy DayWestpacDaycraft578935736009