Wellness and Art Workshops

This year we have merged the popular Wellness Tent and Art Workshops to open up a space of creativity and relaxation. There will be a fantastic line up of 13 workshops, displays and talks.   

Making Art, Creative Self Expression, Exercise, Mediation and Nutrition; are all contributing factors to better health and well being.

Mini Talks / Workshops at Stalls

The stalls in the wellness area will have individual mini talks on specific topics in their stalls. Check out the times and topics at stalls and take advantage of the knowledge on health that is displayed.

All workshops and talks this year are free!

Contact: Gabrielle Morris Wellness@DarlingtonArtsFestival.com if you have any questions

0433 77 77 35

Workshop Line up for 2019


9:30  Yoga for everyone by Body Heart Wellness

10:30 Kids yoga and breathing by Teniele Arnold

11:30 Enviro talk and wax wraps by Karla Hooper

12:30 Jewellery making by Jennie Merritt

14:30 Crochet Workshop by Anne

15:30 Drum workshop by Akwaaba

17:00 Workshops close

10:30 – 15:00 Aerial Yoga Display by Empowered Centre Midland


9:30 Tai Chi on the green

10:30 Aroma gentle flow yoga by Jo John

11:30 Enviro talk and wax wraps by Karla Hooper

12:20 Pottery by Judy Nastov

14:30 iPhone/smart phone photography workshop by Camera Story

15:30 Tea ceremony by Silk Road

16:00  Festival close

Camera Story

Charge your batteries for an amazing tutorial and tips on how to make the best pictures on your phone. 

Tai Chi on the Green – with Bob Allen – Swan Hills Goju Ryu

Tai Chi is an ancient art from China, teaching gentle movements, with concentrating on breathing for relaxation mental focus and general health wellbeing. It incorporates gentle exercise in proving balance and concentration, also learning and remembering different sequences to keep the brain mentally active as well as challenged. This a basic session on some movements in the art incorporating meditation

Bob Allen – Sensei

Crochet Workshop by Anne

Come and make a granny square with Anne!

Anne is another multi-talented crafts-person with many years’ experience. She taught herself to crochet and will be guiding participants through a hands on “how-to-start” tutorial.

Jewellery Workshops by Jennie Merritt

Jewellery by Jennie

Jennie is a talented all-round artist – dancer, singer, glass artist and jeweller. This year she will be showing us how to make ourselves beaded bracelets. Jennie’s Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/PhoenixArtGlassStudio/

Jennie was a guest artist during Mundaring Hills Open Studios at Carolyn Francis’ studio for the second year running.


Pottery by Judy Nastov

Once again Judy Nastov will be at the Festival teaching the art of pottery on the wheel. Judy is a professional potter specialising in production throwing and is considered one of the best!

Judy’s Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/Judy-Nastov-Pottery-668101559983709/

Yoga for everyone by Body Heart Wellness

Amanda Howell – Yoga Teacher – Body Heart Wellness

Yoga for everyone workshop
Facebook : Body Heart Wellness

Drum workshops by Akwaaba

​Akwaaba (“uh-kwaa-buh”)…meaning “welcome” in the Akan language from Ghana, Akwaaba’s vision is to use traditional African drumming and music as a tool to promote harmony and cultural understanding within the West Australian community.

What makes Akwaaba so unique is our many years of experience in delivering professional and high quality workshops and performances using authentic, handmade African percussion instruments. We welcome you to come and experience the fun and energy of African drumming with Akwaaba!

There will be 25 drums for you to come and listen to and play.

Aroma Yoga by Jo John

AromaYoga is a beautiful class incorporating gentle flowing movements that leave your body feeling nurtured and blissful. Our philosophy is that in order to truly centre ourselves, we need to immerse our senses, so as we move we listen to beautiful music that touches the soul, as we breathe we draw in the delightful scents of essential oils and as we meditate we imagine stunning scenery.

Kids yoga and breathing by Teniele Arnold

Mini Kids Yoga Games session

Fun yoga games

Finding your happy voice yoga flow – Animal Poses from the book.

Intro to FYHV Breath Technique & the importance of the breath. 

Story Time – Book Reading and then you are invited to head to my stall to purchase the book and have it personally signed.

Aerial Yoga by Empowered Centre

Aerial Yoga

Empowered Centre will be doing Aerial Yoga demonstrations between 10:30 and 15:30 on Saturday. They will demonstrate a mix of exciting disciplines that are sure to intrigue and draw the crowds such as; Aerial Yoga, Aerial Hoop and Bungee Fitness 

Karla Hooper – Earth Girl


I’m Karla and I’m on a mission to make sustainable living Easy and Convenient for people all around the globe by implementing solutions that aim to improve the health of both humans AND the environment.

Karla Hooper

I’ve been on my own sustainable living journey for YEARS… including learning to use Camels and Clydesdale Horses as a form of sustainable transportation… and now I’m ready to share my story, knowledge and wisdom with you.

Wanna learn how you too can leave a lighter footprint on the Earth via your daily actions? Great! please come and join me on Saturday or Sunday at 11:30 in the Wellness and Workshops area where I will be giving a talk on reducing wast and demonstration on how to make the best wax wraps.

Educational tea ceremony “Tea & Dao bring friends together”

The Tea part of the workshop informs about how to differentiate, source, prepare and serve the finest of Chinese teas,

whilst the Dao is all about enjoying the moment, sharing tea with friends, nourishing yourself and subtle inner exploration in best natural ways.

The event is hosted by two friends, Henri & Jamie who share great passion for teas and for years have been sourcing the best teas from China and Japan,
whilst cultivating the sense of tea.

Henri specialises in Chinese studies and vibrantly bring fourth the spirit of Tea, with stories and practices from far and wide.

Jamie is a connoisseur of quality products, skillfully bringing forth the essence of the Tea.

The teas served are A-grade award winning crème de la crème.  Two varieties will be served with options to buy and order on the spot. Silk Road will have their own stall in the wellness area too.

Henri Lebedev 李老外
0468 832 122

Jamie Mcwilliam
BSc (Ecology),MSc (Tropical Marine Studies), PhD (Applied Physics)

Wellness stalls

Step Forward Orthotics

Gabrielle Morgan of step forward will give mini talks on Posture and Body alignment

Painful heels, calluses, hammertoes, cramps, sore legs, sore feet, corns, back aches and bunions are only the symptoms of a bigger problem. Hard surfaces, improper footwear, old age and gravity are the major factors that lead to structural malfunction of the musculoskeletal system.

When foot posture is incorrect the entire body structure is incorrect. Weak or misaligned bones and arches can lead to painful conditions throughout the body including knee, hip, back, neck and shoulder distresswww.stepforward.com


Marie Laveau Organic Skin Care’s choice of Essential oils- one of the largest range of Organic and Wild crafted pure essential oils in the world

Oshadhi has over 500 pure essential oils- ethically sourced through methods of wild craft, certified organic or select farming straight from the grower!

Susan and Bree

Bree Lavell
Bree Lavell is a qualified Naturopath, Reflexologist and Massage therapist. She is an accredited member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association as well as the Reflexology Association of Australia.

Sue Lavell
Susan Lavell has been practicing as a clinical Aromatherapist for almost 25 years. Prior to that, she worked as a medical scientist at Kings Park Medical Laboratory. With a keen knowledge of science, she combined her prior learning and contributed it solely into natural products.

Silence is Luxurious

Meditation and Mindfulness

Gabrielle Morris is a Dutch born and educated designer, business woman, and mother with over 30 years experience (more then 4000 hours) in meditation.
Gabrielle has continued her studies with an array of awareness courses and programs over the years, including at the well-known OSHO Humaniversaty.

She’s a qualified counsellor with a background in interior design – a blend of two passions perfect for her brand – Silence Is Luxurious. Events coordinator for local Darlington Arts Festival, and a patron for the Dutch charity, ‘No Kidding’